“If you think that I am the best wedding photographer for you, please feel free to get in touch and let us talk about your wedding plans. We can always meet up informally if you prefer and I can hear first hand about your wishes for your wedding photography and I can show you my wedding albums.” 

Highly Acclaimed photographer

Apart from his highly acclaimed wedding photography, Stuart is also a successful people and portrait photographer for national magazines and television and has over twenty years of experience working for clients such as Grazia, the BBC, ITV and the Radio Times, for whom he has photographed various covers.
Bringing the skills that he has developed working at the very highest level of the industry to his wedding photography and his innate ability to connect with people, which often means working very quickly and under extreme pressure, he has brought his own style of beautifully lit and elegantly composed images that always captures the real emotions of the wedding day.

Best Wedding Photographers?

It is no coincidence that my couples look like they have fallen straight from the pages of the magazines when you consider that for over two decades, I have been a successful people and portrait photographer and I continue to work in every part of the UK and worldwide for some of the largest magazines and I have shot the publicity pictures for some of the biggest TV productions.  As a result, I also work with some of the most famous celebrities. Clients such as GRAZIA, BBC, Cosmopolitan, ITV & Radio Times, for whom I have shot various covers, have all commissioned me to shoot their pictures.
This has given me a set of skills that is somewhat unique, certainly amongst other luxury wedding photographers. To work at this level I have had to learn the ability to work swiftly under extreme pressure and all without sacrificing any important detail, how to connect and work quickly with people and fully understand and master the high end lighting techniques for both women and men that makes them look fabulous. 

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