Wonderful recommendation from Sir Frank and Lady Chapman

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What fabulous words from Sir Frank and Lady Chapman, who really appreciated my work on their daughters wedding at the Four Seasons, Hampshire.

"Stuart Wood photographed my daughter Jane and her husband James’ wedding at the wonderful Four Seasons Dogmersfield. He produced quite frankly the best set of wedding photos I have ever seen. He was presented with what I saw as some significant challenges due to very changable light conditions rain and shine. He saw this as his big opportuity to capture some really unique lighting conditions and wonderful effects. His has a passion for detail and it takes time but it shows in every facet of the product. He and his team works tirelessly the whole day to capture for ever the beauty and fun of this wonderful wedding. I would have no doubts to give Stuart my highest recommendation and would use him readlily again for other functions (my youngst daughter is only 15 but Stuart will surely be asked at her wedding). Sir Frank and Lady Chapman”