Take a bow Elinchrom

Every photographer needs to be able to rely on their equipment. Below is a story behind this latest image and the piece of kit that literally made it!



Stuart Wood Weddings / West Mill Weddings / Rachel & Craig


Undoubtably, one of the best bits of kit I own is my Elinchrom Ranger location light. I took this image on Saturday using just one pack, one head and a stand along with carefully timed ambient light. Thank goodness my bride and groom Rachel & Craig came immediately when we called them, because we caught the waning daylight at the very optimum time, not only for the sky detail but also for the slight fill that the last of the daylight gave me.

Looking carefully at this image and the wonderful lighting, I got to thinking about how I achieved it with the gear that I use.

I have had the Ranger for at least a dozen years and it has been all over the world, on top of mountains in Scotland, in the bowels of the earth in the salt mines of Cheshire and on board yachts and boats on the sea and just about everywhere else you can imagine. It has been rained on, covered in mud and baked by Spanish sun and frozen by Austrian mountain snow...and you know what, it has yet to let me down! It has NEVER in all that time and use beyond the call of duty, ever malfunctioned or stopped working.

Over the last few years I've been fortunate enough to work more closely with Elinchrom and The Flash Centre, but I did this only because I believed in and fully trusted the product.

Take a bow Elinchrom!

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