Heroes come in all shapes and sizes ... and ages

Stuart Wood / Amelia Thompson / Amelia and Viktor 1Stuart Wood / Amelia Thompson / Amelia and Viktor 2Stuart Wood / Amelia Thompson / Amelia and Viktor 3


They say that heroes come in all shapes and sizes...and ages.


For a special Royal Wedding feature for this week’s Radio Times, I had the privilege to meet Amelia Thompson aged 12. Amelia was involved in the Manchester bombing a year ago next week that killed 22 people. While she was not physically injured, she witnessed things that no one should have to see, let alone a young girl at the age of 11. Her screams of fear during the atrocity not only damaged her vocal cords, but left her unable to speak properly for weeks and required intensive speech therapy to regain her voice. It also  brought on a asthma attack that found her being treated alongside some of the very worst of the injured. Amelia is still undergoing counselling for what she witnessed and went through and she changed from being very confident to being very withdrawn. 

Then, she met a three year old horse called Viktor and a deep bond developed between them. Amelia now visits Viktor twice a day, every day and the young lady that I met a few weeks back, was chatty and outgoing and very kind. 
Amelia received an invitation to this week’s Royal Wedding which also included taking a guest. What is remarkable and so caring for one of such tender years, is that she asked her mother Lisa if she could take Sharon Goodman, whom she met through the tragedy and who’s 15 year old granddaughter had died in the blast and is understandably still having a very difficult time, and all because as Amelia says “I just want to put a smile on her face”. 
Like I said, heroes come in all shapes and sizes...and ages!
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