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Stuart Wood

Apart from his highly acclaimed wedding photography, Stuart is also a successful people and portrait photographer for national magazines and television and has years of experience working for clients such as Grazia, the BBC, ITV and the Radio Times, for whom he has photographed various covers.
Bringing the skills that he has developed working at the very highest level of the industry to his wedding photography and his innate ability to connect with people, which often means working very quickly and under extreme pressure, he has brought his own style of beautifully lit and elegantly composed images that always captures the real emotions of the wedding day. 
Stuart's shows the same enthusiasm for every wedding that he undertakes - " Each wedding presents its own challenges and opportunities and I never ever leave the wedding until I have given my couples the very best that I can and have secured them images that are individual to each bride and groom. While my pictures are highly stylised, my other work has taught me the disciplines needed to work at speed without sacrificing detail, which means that I don't monopolise my couples on their big day. After seeing my work and the lighting and detail that I have captured in them, I often have to carefully explain to my prospective couples that they will not be standing around posing for pictures during their wedding day when they want to be enjoying the time with family and friends. All images are either photographed as they happen or they are fully prepared for the couple to walk on to and I only take moments to capture their special images."
Stuart proudly holds Fellowships in the BIPP, the SWPP and the MPA and is in increasing demand as a photographic educator regularly teaching other professional photographers both in the UK and overseas. As well as his own Lighting Workshops and his Masterclasses and Superclasses for the SWPP Convention, he regularly hosts sell out wedding workshops for the Royal Photographic Society and is also a regular columnist for Professional Image Maker magazine. 
The standard of his wedding photography has recently been recognised by being placed on the Four Seasons Hotels international 'Fab Photographer' list and being accepted as a member of the prestigious and invitation only 'Best of Wedding Photography' whose membership is reserved for some of the world's top wedding photographers. 
Despite also being a recipient of many national photography awards, he was thrilled to be a regional winner and national finalist in the Graphistudio / MPA wedding album of the year 2013. 
"I am extremely proud to now be able to say that I am giving my couples wedding albums that are recognised as amongst the very best in the country."




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